Borehole drilling and stone cutting course

The learning objectives of the training workshop were that by the end of the course, the participants would:

  • Understand the Principles of Cost Effective Boreholes
  • Have some knowledge of groundwater occurrence in Kenya
  • Understand the procurement process in borehole construction
  • Appreciate why transparency in procurement is essential for sustainable water supplies
  • Understand how to cost and price boreholes in drilling projects
  • Be able to prepare engineer’s estimates for borehole drilling projects
  • Evaluate tender documents for siting and drilling of boreholes
  • Effectively manage borehole drilling projects from site selection through to completion


Target: All staff members of an organisation



Duration: 2 months

Fee Structure: The Fee is Kshs 145,000 for the entire course

Intakes: Our intakes are monthly the first week


  • Fully filled application form
  • Copy of National ID / Passport
  • 2 passport photos
  • Personal effects such as Blankets, Sheets, Plate, Cup, Spoon, Bucket, Toiletries etc
  • Safety boots for training